Debt Consolidation

We specialize in debt consolidation through mortgage refinancing. You can lower your total monthly payments by unlocking up to 85% of your home's value with help from trusted mortgage lenders. Our clients save an average of 70% on their monthly payments. We'll use your mortgage equity to pay off your bills sooner and at a lower rate. With your bills consolidated, your interest and payments will dramatically reduce.

  • Secured Lines of Credit Programs for up to 65% of your home value

  • Equity-Based Second Mortgages for up to 85% of your home value Over-extended credit card and consumer debt is the number one problem Canadians face today. We understand the seriousness of this problem. Credit card companies want you to ignore the issue. A new mortgage program with restructured home equity can shrink your credit card debt and consumer loans to very low-interest rates. Imagine shrinking your monthly payments by up to 70%.

  • Reduce your mortgage rate and payment; eliminate consumer debt.

  • Take advantage of remarkably low-interest rates to simplify your finances.

  • Get a free no-obligation consultation with us and don't let your possible penalty to break your mortgage hold you back. Often it's worth paying the penalty to reduce your overall interest cost