Purchase of a Home Mortgage

With all of the complex rules and regulations surrounding mortgage financing, some clients will come to us and initially express their utter frustration.  “We know the house we want,” they say, “we just don’t know how to get it.” It’s true, to the average person the complexities and nuances are difficult to understand, especially on top of the usual stressors we face each and every day of our lives.  It is preferable to want the best rate, of course, but as a neophyte homebuyer, you’re unsure how it is secured.


Truthfully, this lack of familiarity is normal, even for many experienced homebuyers.  It is natural, some might even say advisable, to seek assistance during this process. Well, providing assistance is our stock and trade.  

At MORTGAGE FACILITY, we can design a custom mortgage loan quote; one that is applicable to your unique circumstances.


What do you get with a free MORTGAGE FACILITY quote?

·      We will provide you with a quote without pulling your credit score

·      You may choose between fixed or variable rate, open/closed products

·      24-hour turnaround on custom quotes

·      Amortization products of 25, 30 or 35 years

·      120-day rate lock

·      Get an immediate approval letter to waive financing

·      100% financing and no-down-payment programs are available